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People who find themselves gaining an interest in nitro radio controlled cars, can look forward to a whole world of fun and possibilities.

Whether young or old, this is a hobby that can be enjoyed and shared with other RC car enthusiasts. Building and driving nitro radio controlled cars is quickly growing in popularity. There are full fledged nitro RC car communities all over the world that organize events, get-togethers, and races. These are great opportunities for all those that share their passion for nitro to exchange information, compete, and have an all around good time.

For those just starting out with nitro, there are a few things to consider before purchasing a car.

Nitro RC cars are one of the two main types of RC cars, the other being electric RC cars. They are named for the special fuel that they use, which is a blend of nitromethane, methyl alcohol, and oil.

Nitro RC cars can be purchased in kits or pre-assembled. Those looking to get into the action right away can buy a ready to run or RTR model. These require little to no assembly and can be run straight out of the box.

However, those with a mechanical flair might opt to go with a kit. Kits include precise, step-by-step instructions, so even those with little mechanical experience are encouraged to try it out. Putting together an RC car can give valuable insight into the different parts that make up the car. This knowledge will come in handy later, when doing necessary maintenance and making repairs.

That are many advantages nitro RC cars have over their electric counter parts. The most notable being their speed.

Nitro RC cars are often faster than electrics, averaging speeds of 40 to 70 MPH out of the box, and can be upgraded to go even faster.

Nitro RC cars are generally built sturdier than electrics and can take more damage from high speed collisions.

They are also more realistic, emitting louder noises, emulating the roar of a real car.

The downside is that nitro rc cars can be harder to clean and maintain. They contain miniature internal combustion engines which can be just as messy and fickle as real engines. They require constant care and careful tuning, as well as more cleaning than electronic models.

Nitro rc cars are generally more expensive than electronics. A beginner level car will cost around $150, while some racing cars can cost thousands. A person can invest as much as they want.

Whether building, racing or just playing around; nitro radio controlled cars are a great hobby and source of satisfaction.

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First things first! Why is it important to clean and properly store radio controlled cars? Do you remember the reason your mother always told you to clean yourself up, clean your room, wash the dishes, etc.? That is – to keep you clean as well as up and running.

The same is true with radio controlled cars. The following are effective and necessary tips to store and keep those vehicles in great shape.

Believe it or not, the fuels used in nitro trucks or cars as well as in radio-controlled cars contain lubricants. The lubricants in these cars actually serve to protect the engine. This is due to the fact that not all of it gets burned when the engine runs. This therefore results in a chassis that is coated with a lot of oil which made its exit from the car’s pipe.

The way to remove this as easily as possible is by using a cleaner: one example is Simple Green. However, it is best to first remove all and any radio equipment before cleaning; after which, plug the inlets onto the engine. Another option is by removing the engine itself.

The chassis should then be sprayed down lightly. Use a brush that has a firm bristle to knock away any grime. Once the chassis has been cleaned, use a towel to dry it. Then, re-install the removed components.

The majority of radio-controlled cars have an electric starter. The bearings in this starter should always be oiled and cleaned at least every week or two.

The starter should then be removed as carefully as possible. The use of a screwdriver is an effective way to keep the pressure on the mechanism as the starter is pulled off the plate’s back.

Spray the bearing with engine spray in order to clean it. Oil the bearing in order to keep it running smoothly. You will discover that once the engine and starter is reassembled, it will work almost as good as new.

Fuel should be stored in a place that is dry and – as much as possible – away from pets, children, or anyone else who could mistake the fuel as washer for the windshield.

All in all, when fuel is stored, it could absorb water vapor over a significant amount of time, especially if the container is not sealed perfectly. It is best to store bottles on a cardboard and not on the carpet directly or on cement.

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Tips in Repairing Radio Controlled Cars

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When a person buys a car from a dealer, the only way to make the vehicle last for 5 years or longer is through proper care. This can be done visually or brought to the shop after reaching a certain mileage for preventive maintenance.

The same thing but in a smaller scale is done for radio controlled cars. This should be done after each run that will usually take 30 minutes to an hour. Here are a few tips on repairing radio controlled cars.

1. First, a visual inspection should be made over the entire vehicle. This will make it easy for the person to identify any cracks, leaks or broken parts that have to be glued or replaced.

2. Radio controlled cars using batteries should be disconnected and recharged. Those that use oil should be drained to prevent condensation to build up inside that could damage the engine.

3. The suspension of most radio controlled cars endures a lot of beating after engaging in hair pin turns, long jumps and various terrains. A person can make sure this is still in good condition by pressing on that section of the vehicle and by adding oil to the shocks.

4. The jumps and spins may also cause some screws to come loose over time. The individual should have a screw driver nearby to tighten them. Those that appear secure should be given a coat of thread locking compound to make sure they stay in place.

5. radio controlled cars use rubber tires. After a few spins, they will develop some cuts and gashes which occur due to the quality of the road. If these are no longer able to maintain a good grip on the road, the individual should have them replaced at once with new ones from the hobby store.

6. If some paint has chipped off or holes have developed around the radio controlled car, the hobbyist can fix them using some paint and a pack of glue.

Once all of these are done, it is time to end the maintenance check using some paper towels and a toothbrush. These will be used to remove any dirt or dust that has accumulated in the undercarriage or in those hard to reach places of the radio controlled car.

The radio controlled car is a not just a toy but a machine that requires a lot of maintenance. A person must learn how to take care of it to be able to enjoy playing with it every time it is taken to the race track.

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